Frequently Asked Questions

Fully completed Application Form.

FICA Docs:  

  • Company Registration Certificate (CK)
  • ID’s of Directors and Signatories
  • Proof of Business Address
  • Personal Proof of Address for both Signatories and Surety’s 

Bank Statements (both personal and business)

A Business Plan is required for retail / shop tenant applications.

  • The application process can take anywhere between two (2) hours and one (1) full working day from submission of all required documents, subject to a fully completed application and creditworthiness being confirmed. 
  • This may take longer during peak leasing periods.
  • Commercial Leases are generally 3-5 years. This lease term is subject to negotiation.
  • Deposits are usually equal to a single (1) months rental.  Deposits required are also influenced by the Application form submitted, surety details, credit worthiness and an internal credit assessment. 
  • Escalation is the rate at which the tenant’s rental will increase by annually.
  • Tenants are responsible for their utilities (consumption charges), which include:
    • Electricity, water, refuse, sewerage, and CID levies


  • VAT is charged at the prevailing rate of 15% of the base rental. 
  • Only applicable to shops, B/O (Beneficial Occupation) is a rent-free period before the commencement date of the lease which allows the tenant to Fit-Out the premises ready for Occupation before the lease start date.
  • Common Areas in any building includes the entrance lobby’s / receptions, lift lobby’s, shared passages, toilets and that are common to the whole building and charged to the tenant as a pro-rata percentage share. 
  • Yes, OPH are flexible in this regard and are willing to assist in providing you with additional space within the building or the nearby vicinity. 
  • OPH will only accommodate this request if the account for rental payments are up to date and is subject to approval.
  • Cleaning services are provided, free of charge, to the common areas within the building.
  • It is the responsibility of the tenant to ensure cleaning inside their office or shop space. 
  • Tenants may install internal signage subject to prior written approval by OPH.
  • Under no circumstances may external signage be installed unless prior written approval has been provided by OPH.
  • Should signage be installed without prior written approval, you will be required to remove the signage if it does not conform to OPH signage policy. 
  • Parking is not included as part of the rental of your premises.
  • Parking is available, however, at an additional monthly charge.
  • Parking can be provided for within the occupied building or within the nearby vicinity.
  • Please download the Parking Application Form if you so wish to apply for a parking bay.